Not only cold air!
26 January 2021
NOVAFRIGO – Chiller with Gas R448a for 1 MW of cooling power
25 May 2021
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NOVAFRIGO in the Medical sector

Even in the medical sector, it is necessary to have units that are able to cool and / or heat the process water to optimize the performance and effectiveness of the machinery used for production. One of our many frontiers also includes the medical sector, where process temperature accuracy and continuous reliability are required.

NOVAFRIGO produces machines capable of controlling heating and cooling cycles constantly over time. It is mandatory and essential to guarantee the customer the temperatures that the process requires to allow them to obtain maximum performance from their machineries.

In the medical industry it is necessary to correctly control the process temperatures since the sector is very sensitive and demanding. The temperature in this type of process must be uniform in every point of the mould and must be kept constant through careful control of the working parameters of our units.

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