23 September 2021

NOVAFRIGO – Always a promoter of innovative technical solutions, introduces the new transcritical CO2 units.

Our company presents the new line of CO2 chillers called CHR, the innovative series of water or air-cooled transcritical cycle chillers dedicated to the cooling of water and water / glycol mixtures.
25 May 2021

NOVAFRIGO – Chiller with Gas R448a for 1 MW of cooling power

Another final application that NOVAFRIGO covers is the Food Industry in all its various sides, we have just completed for our customer "SALUMIFICIO VALTIBERINO" a unit capable of delivering 1,070kw of cooling capacity
9 March 2021

NOVAFRIGO in the Medical sector

Even in the medical sector, it is necessary to have units that are able to cool and / or heat the process water to optimize the performance and effectiveness of the machinery used for production. One of our many frontiers also includes the medical sector, where process temperature accuracy and continuous reliability are required.
26 January 2021

Not only cold air!

When we started designing the new unit called RAF (Refrigeratore Aria Film), we did it with a simple but bold idea: make all users able to manage a very wide range of work with just one unit according to production needs
24 November 2020

Solid GREEN solutions for GDO

The chiller from the RMP 250 range with R290 gas (propane) is suitable for working permanently at temperatures of -4 ° C / -8 ° C with a cooling capacity of 235 kw each, for a total of 705 kw, having a very low GWP (Global Warning Potential).