The development of products with low energy consumption and zero ecological impact has always been one of our main objectives. Our strenght: over 30 years of experience

We create technological innovation

Our job is to build machines for reliable and low consumption process and industrial refrigeration systems.

Few words for one goal: to provide the best for our customers. Present on the market since 1976, we have always finalized our activity in the development of machinery dedicated to refrigeration and thermoregulation.

Particular attention is also given to the ecological aspect, for this reason we are committed to the development of "Green Cooling" product with the latest generation of refrigerant gases with low environmental impact.

in the world

Novafrigo is present in Europe in:
Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany,
Czech Republic, Slovakia.

In Africa we are in:
Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, West Africa and Ghana.


Certificazione ISO 9001:2015 Cerificazione F - Gas

News from Novafrigo

24 November 2020

Solid GREEN solutions for GDO

The chiller from the RMP 250 range with R290 gas (propane) is suitable for working permanently at temperatures of -4 ° C / -8 ° C with a cooling capacity of 235 kw each, for a total of 705 kw, having a very low GWP (Global Warning Potential).
28 October 2020

Some see what there is, we see what there will be!

The new line of products RCS-P for cooling water in the plastic process offers significant and effective advantages in terms of energy savings. Energy saving is a cause of increasing sensitivity on a global level to which NovaFrigo already belongs. If units originally built in view of the comfort sector are often adapted by design, NovaFrigo proposes units that operate with R410a gas specially sized to work in the process, without time limits or seasons dictated by temperature.